Clean Energy America (CEA) is comprised of a group of nuclear energy experts who volunteer their time to raise awareness about the benefits of nuclear energy as a clean, reliable and affordable source of energy. During operation, nuclear power plants produce zero carbon emissions, thus providing a clean alternative for today and the future. Nuclear energy produces electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has an exemplary safety record. In addition to the environmental benefits and high safety standards, nuclear energy is an affordable way to produce electricity. As we strive to anticipate the needs of future generations and with the rising consumer costs we face today, nuclear energy must remain a vital part of the energy portfolio of the United States.

nuclear power plants produce zero carbon emissions

As the up and coming leaders in their field, Clean Energy America speakers will play a crucial role in the nuclear industry and in the nation's energy industry as a whole. Some work day to day in nuclear power plants as nuclear and design engineers. Other speakers have backgrounds in finance, law and mining. Many CEA speakers are young professionals and all feel compelled to share their expertise and passion for a clean, reliable and affordable energy source.

CEA media tours include events on college campuses, presentations to civic groups and meetings with other organizations. The program seeks to make students aware of career opportunities in the nuclear energy industry. The program utilizes traditional and new media outlets to reach a large audience and generate greater awareness of nuclear energy.

The U.S. currently uses nuclear energy to provide 20% of its electricity. From 1990 to 2007, nuclear energy prevented 2 billion metric tons of carbon pollution that would have been emitted through coal and natural gas plants. The rising popularity of hybrid cars will play a crucial part in reducing carbon emission and nuclear energy can provide the electricity needed to fuel them. As the U.S. explores energy alternatives, nuclear energy must be used along with renewable energy sources to reduce our CO2 emissions.

A mix of energy sources will be imperative as the industry strives to meet the growing demands for electricity in the U.S. and globally. As the only carbon free energy solution that does not depend on wind, sun and water, nuclear energy provides electricity production constantly, performing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As the price of oil and natural gas continues to skyrocket, nuclear energy production costs remain steady and well below that of electricity produced from gas, petroleum and coal. Going forward, nuclear energy represents a reliable and affordable solution to rising electricity demands.

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